01 Nov, 2014


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ROSATOM is in discussion for construction of 40 nuclear units abroad

ROSATOM is in discussion for construction of 40 nuclear units abroad

11 January 2014

Russia’s state nuclear corporation-Rosatom’s foreign order portfolio to date comprises 20 nuclear power reactors and construction of 40 more reactors is under discussion with various countries.
This was informed by Sergey Kirienko, Director General of Rosatom during his meeting with Vladimir Putin, President of Russia on January 9, 2014. “After Fukushima we have doubled the number of orders and this happened when the market was down in general. Forty more contracts are under consideration” Sergey Kirienko said.
S. Kirienko elaborated on the new nuclear power units construction contracts in China and India. In China the Russian specialists have already built two reactors of Tianwan nuclear power plant.
“Having seen how they operate Chinese partners have elected to continue the cooperation. It is important for us because China itself is capable to build nuclear reactors. America and France are building nuclear reactors in China as well. Despite the tough competition in China market we have received orders for constructing two more nuclear power units and the work has already been started,” he added.
Negotiation is under way on building of new units at Kudankulam NPP in India. “The Indian Government is finally settling the issue of civil liability for damage. We submitted a revised proposal and expecting a positive response soon,” Kirienko informed.
Rosatom has signed contract for constructing four nuclear power units at a single site in Vietnam. “Vietnamese partners are willing to increase the number of sites,” he said.
In Turkey the preparatory work nears completion. “The licensing has been completed, the plant designing process was also finished December last year, and the project is being submitted to the regulatory authorities.” Kirienko informed
In 2013, ROSATOM had commissioned Bushehr NPP in Iran and 1st reactor of Kudankulam NPP in India. Construction for 3rd and 4th power units at Tianwan NPP and units at Ostrovets NPP in Belarus have been launched. Preparations to build infrastructure for a nuclear power plant in Jordan and preconstruction survey at Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh are underway. It may be mentioned here that Rosatom won the international tender for the NPP in Jordan.
Talking on the proposed nuclear power plant in Finland S. Kirienko said, “We got the contract for all of the equipment, which is manufactured at the Russian enterprises plus a fuel supply contract. This is a new generation plant, which has a guaranteed service life of 60 years. But actually, it will operate for not less than 80 years. It means 80 years of fuel supplies, maintenance and repair services. Actual construction works of the plant will start in about two years.”
“All this growth is not at the expense or in the prejudice of the safety. All safety indicators are being improved,” the head of ROSATOM assured the Russian President. Presenting the World Association of Nuclear Operators’ data to Vladimir Putin, S. Kirienko said, “The most important indicator is number of scrams in a year. In 2013 we had this twice better than in Europe.”




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