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Dhaka Tuesday,  Dec 5, 2023

12 BD Students Taking Study For Rooppur NPP In Moscow


Twelve Bangladeshi students are being prepared for running the upcoming Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant in Bangladesh. They are now taking specialized study at the National Research Nuclear University in Moscow.

Sazzad Dewan is one of them, who prior to his Moscow nuclear university enrollment, studied in University of Asia Pacific on Electrical and Electronic Engineering at home.
While talking with Banglanews at his campus in Moscow, Sazzad said, Rooppur power plant is going to open the door of opportunity for Bangladesh, and this project should remain beyond any controversy.
“We need huge amount of power for the development of Bangladesh which can not be fulfilled using coal or other sources. Moreover, coal pollutes the environment. But, nuclear is more environment-friendly”, he added.
While asked about the preparation to take the responsibility of this important plant, another student Salma Akhtar Sumi said they are being taught so well in the Russian university that it they will be able to do the task properly.
Maminul Islam from Khulna availed the Nuclear University scholarship after completing honors on Applied Physics from the University of Dhaka.
He said, the nuclear power plant in Rooppur is going to be something different where Core Caper will be included, and that will protect the soil from radiation.
The plant will be kept cool through a specialized process of using air instead of water, Mainul added.
Among the students, nine are in six and half years long specialist course (Nuclear power plants, Design Maintenance and Engineering), and the rest are taking three-year Masters course from this specialized university in Moscow.
Hamidul Haque, a student of the specialist course, said technological development is must to bring Bangladesh in newest height. The manpower of Bangladesh can be a used giving them proper training.
Pro-VC Alek Vladimir of National Research Nuclear University lauded the Bangladeshi students saying that they are more sincere and attentive in their learning.

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