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Dhaka Sunday,  Dec 4, 2022

Rooppur Power Plant

1200 MW Power Plant Cost US$ 12 Billion

EB Report

Bangladesh and Russia signed a contract to established Nuclear power plant at Rooppur. Cost also being finalized. The plant will cost 12 billion 16 million Dollars. Russia will provide soft loans for the project. First unit will be inaugurate to celebrate the golden jubilee of countries independence.

On Tuesday Bangladesh and Russia signed the initial  contract on Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission at Agargaon. Former prime minister of Russia and Director General of Rosatom Sergey Kirienko and minister of state for science and Technology architect Yafes Osamn and higher officials were present at the contract signing ceremony.

Earlier Mr. Kirienko had a meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He arrived Bangladesh on Tuesday with his private plane and returned to Russia after finalizing the contract.

Science Minister Yafes Osman said, this is an important step for the countries development. In future country will got a lot of benefits from the project. Now there is no obstacle to establish the plant. We also got investment for countries first Nuclear Power Plant. We are able to decrease the cost by 265 million Dollars after bargain with Mr. Kirienko. Officially we will start constriction quickly. He informs, Vladimir Putin will invited on the official program.

Source informs, according to contract Russia will r Russia will provide required fuel and west management for the project and they also will help in Maintenance, infrastructure development, human resource, technical support for the project.

After completing the survey in Rooppur, it was informed Ruppur nuclear power plant be environment friendly. This plant will be designed by considering earthquake, flood, wind, drought and other natural disasters.

Bangladesh decided to use VVER-1200 Reactor instead of VVER-1000 technology. After Chernobyl and Fukusima the technology had been developed considering nuclear power plants problems, harmful factors and other phenomenon. In this technology the possibility of accident is very low. The radioactive will not spared out into the air if accident happens. Those kinds of Power plants can control radioactive for 72 hours. People can shift in a safe place by this time. This is a third generation reactor. So, it is safer than the others. Moreover, nuclear power plants main concern is safety. Firstly, safety is being ensured. Besides, each steps of a nuclear power plant construction will go through under United Nations supervision. If United Nations nuclear department thought that it was safe then it can be marketed. They also examine the safety of this plant. This technology is better than the previous VVIR-1000 technology.

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