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Dhaka Monday,  Feb 6, 2023

Armenian NPP Ready For Modernization

EB Desk

The life extension project at Armenian NPP Unit 2 is going full tilt with Rosatom’s involvement. At a meeting held in late April, the project steering committee discussed results of the technical audit that involved systems and individual components of the reactor unit.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Armenian Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Armenian State Committee on Nuclear Safety Regulation and Armenian NPP operator Haykakan Atomayin Elektrakayan (HAEK). Russia was represented by Rusatom Service, a Rosatom Group service integrator.

The meeting also discussed results of the technical audit that was carried out to inspect nuclear station systems and piping and assess a possibility of the Armenian NPP Unit 2 life extension. Besides, the discussion touched upon certain systems to be modernized or retrofitted, particularly safety systems and turbines, as well as training of Armenian students in Russian nuclear universities in 2016.

According to Rosatom’s Deputy CEO Kirill Komarov, the meeting attendees were satisfied with the project progress. “The both parties have confirmed that the project is running as planned, within the shortest deadline and in accordance with the budget and objectives set by the governments of our countries,” Komarov said. “We have already completed the audit of systems, structures and components of Armenian NPP Unit 2. It involved over 100 experts who inspected more than 4,500 units of nuclear station equipment. We have developed 40 schedules for equipment deliveries, including shipment of key turbine systems; some of them have been already approved by Armenia.”

Following the meeting, a number of decisions were taken to meet all the previously made plans for technical audits, modernization, timely production and delivery of technological systems to enhance safety and reliability of the Armenian NPP.

At a press briefing held after the meeting in Yerevan, Kirill Komarov announced the upcoming modernization of a seismic safety system at the Armenian NPP. “The system will be definitely modernized, not because the existing system is unreliable. We simply need to continuously improve safety as new technologies appear, and we need to use them, when possible,” Komarov stressed.

Rosatom is setting up the first ever nuclear power plant of Bangladesh at Rooppur and the lifespan of the project should be 50 years and that can be extended for more 30 years for generating electricity.

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