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Dhaka Wednesday,  Oct 4, 2023

Bangladeshi Children Attend International Camp in Russia

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Fifteen Bangladeshi children attended the “Rosatom School” International Children’s Camp ended on August 6 at the “Ocean” Children’s Center in Vladivostok, Russia.   The approximately 20 day camp ,supported by Russia’s state nuclear energy corporation- Rosatom and Russia’s federal agency for international co-operation Rossotrudnichestvo, was participated by  126 children from eight countries .

“Organization and implementation of the “Rosatom school” International Children’s Camp is a challenging and fascinating task.. As a rule, participants gather at such places to study the global language or to solve several subject-specific tasks. According to the participants the Russian international camp is very different from the camps they visited before. The “Rosatom school” International Children’s Camp is unique thanks to the opportunity to choose various activities, communication in various languages, development of creative and intellectual products, work with cultural contexts, its friendly and happy environment,” said Natalia Shurochkova, Head of the “Rosatom school” project.

The camp included various programs including a number of workshops forparticipants, where each child could find what he or she wanted to do and learn things, which usually are not taught at schools.

During each workshop, adult moderators created challenging situations for children which they had to address through joint efforts. As a result, children speaking different languages learnt to understand each other using verbal and non-verbal means of communication, found points of interaction and built partnerships.

One of the most impressive results of joint activities is the “Rosatom school: Designing the Future Together”. With various installations in the background, the children organized an improvised performance in which they caught each other’s ideas and reacted in accordance with their own ideas.

Besides, the “Rosatom school” project gave each child an opportunity to feel like a professional diplomat. The children could test various diplomatic approaches, established states and found allies, demonstrating patience and inventiveness.

Alexander Zubko, Honorary Consul of Bangladesh in Vladivostok, met the participants of the international camp.  He pointed out that a small step into the great future has already been made thanks to the “Rosatom school” project.

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