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Dhaka Monday,  Jan 24, 2022

Coal Sector

Mining Associates Pvt Ltd, an Indian company, will conduct a feasibility study on extracting coal-bed methane gas at Jamalganj coal field in Sunamganj. The cabinet committee on purchase yesterday approved a proposal from the Energy Division, awarding the West Bengal-based firm to conduct the study. The company will get Tk 19.13 crore for carrying out the study. Jamalganj coal field, with an estimated reserve of about 1.053 billion tonnes of... »

Phulbari Coal Mine Project

GCM Resources Is in Advocacy

Despite long-time silence from Government end to go ahead- GCM Resources-a London based resource Development Company is still advocating for developing Phulbari Coal Project- a crown jewel of country’s coal resources. As a pioneer investor in country’s untapped coal resources, GCM showed unlimited passions and commitment to develop the coal mine. There is miss conception that, GCM may pull out from the Project, but GCM is in mode to raise... »
The government does not have any short-cut option to stop the activities of Asia Energy, now renamed as Global Coal Management (GCM) in Phulbari of Dinajpur, unless it refunds the money the company has already invested to develop the coal mine, observed the Law Ministry. The Law Ministry made the observation in a summary paper it has sent to the Energy Ministry as the ministry wanted Law Ministry’s opinion on... »
GCM organises regular community meetings as part of our commitment to ensure local communities remain fully informed on all aspects of the planned coal mine and power plant developments. As part of this routine activity a series of programs were organised for Tuesday 25/11 and Wednesday 26/11 to cater for the communities’ requests to meet and hear directly from the Asia Energy CEO. All of these community meetings were well... »
Leaders of the national committee and left parties on Thursday at separate rallies in the city showed protests against the initiatives of the Asia Energy for extraction of coal of Phulbari coal mine in open pit method. The leaders at separate rallies opposed the Phulbari visit of a senior official of the Asia Energy now named Global Coal Management, Gary Lye, with her wife on Wednesday. Gary held meetings with... »

Gary in gathering favors Coalmine

Tension , vandalism in Phulbari

Presence and Address by Gary Lye-Asia Energy’s CEO in a huge gathering favors Coalmine in Phulbari created fresh tension yesterday. Anti mine people brought out a procession after the meeting and attempt to attack on Asia Energy’s Phulbari office with throwing stones. They vandalized a car park in the roadside. Gary lye and his wife along with other officials left Phulbari to Dinajpur at afternoon as per schedule. Source said... »
Phulbari turns in favor of have the coal mine for the sake of Development and change their fate. People of Phulbari identified as anti development and anti mine due to movement launched by leftist Organization. Now they welcomed Asia Energy boss Gary Lye & his wife Nana lye in phulbari. Gary expressed his satisfaction to locals for their wake up towards the development. Gary spoke in several meetings from Tuesday... »

OECD rejected NGO Complaints

ESIA on Phulbari Coal by GCM OK!

OECD rejected Complaint against GCM Resources- a London based resource exploration and development Company. Complaint of breaching the OECD Guidelines for multi-national Enterprise including human rights violation is found baseless and unsubstantiated. The British National Contact Point (NCP) on OECD has released the final report on Thursday after more than two years examination. Receiving the positive result GCM expressed its happiness in London through a Press statement and said that... »
The final report of water modelling and hydro-geological survey on Barapukuria coal mine says open-pit mining is possible there. The government has planned open-pit coal mining at the northern part of Barapukuria coal field in Dinajpur to use the extracted coal in power plants. The Institute of Water Modelling, which conducted the survey, has suggested carrying out a mandatory geo-technical feasibility study before making the decision of open-pit mining.The survey... »
Forrest Cookson: On August 26, 2006 in the Phulbari are of Dinajpur a clash between the security forces and rioters resulted in people being injured and the death of three persons shot by the security forces. This was an unnecessary tragedy. The riots took place at a time when the “Oil and Gas Protection Committee” (OGPC) was organizing demonstration against the mine. This organization has always circulated incorrect information about... »