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Dhaka Monday,  Jan 24, 2022


Climate is the average weather condition that prevail over a longer period of time in a given area. For example, average temperature, average precipitation, average sunshine etc. Climate change is any change in the long-term condition of climate variables such as temperature, precipitation, sunshine, or wind velocity over several decades or longer. Climate change can be due to natural external forcing (changes in solar emission or changes in the earth’s... »
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has stressed the need for collective efforts for ensuring universal health coverage (UHC), saying that its benefits are global and fundamental to development. “Benefits of universal health coverage are global and we need to work collectively,” she said while delivering the national statement at the plenary session of the High-level meeting on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) at the Trusteeship Council in the UN Headquarters here on Monday afternoon local time. The... »
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday called upon all the countries to fulfill their commitments over reduction of carbon emissions and financing the initiatives of the climate vulnerable countries. “I would like to call upon all countries to fulfill their commitments with regard to reducing carbon emissions and financing the initiatives of the climate vulnerable countries,” she said. The Prime Minister said this while addressing an event hosted by Global... »
  Thousands of children from different educational institutions staged a rally at Manik Mia Avenue in the capital on Friday, urging the world leaders to act against climate change. They also formed a human chain and took out a procession there expressing solidarity with the global climate strike in response to the call of Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. Save the Children in Bangladesh and Green Saver Association jointly organized... »
Water levels at 79 river stations monitored by Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC) have marked rises while 11 stations recorded fall. Among the 93 monitored stations, water levels at two river station have been registered steady while water levels at 23 river stations are flowing above danger level, a bulletin issued by the FFWC said on Saturday, reports BSS. All the major rivers are in rising trend, the bulletin... »
While Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries facing the adverse impact of climate change, she is also a sparkling example of low carbon producing states which has successfully implemented climate change resilient programmes. Bangladesh spends on average $ 1 billion every year to tackle climate change with a wide variety of programmes, ranging from awareness building over low carbon emissions to the safeguarding of nature. This country is... »
The 154 factorie operating within the ecologically critical area (ECA) around the Sundarbans are not a threat to the world’s largest mangrove forest, Dr Sultan Ahmed, ex-director general of the Department of Environment (DoE), told a press briefing yesterday. The briefing was organised at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Wednesday  after a 16-member team from Bangladesh recently returned to the country after attending the 43rd session of the 21-member World... »
Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest of the world has been kept out from the ‘world heritage site in danger’ list during the 43rd annual meet of UNESCO which has been taking place in Azerbaijan. The decision was taken on 4th July at the 43rd session of the 21-member World Heritage Committee of UNESCO. The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO has finally decided not to keep the Sundarbans in the ‘world... »
Those are all probable scenarios that could devastate societies by 2050 if swift and dramatic action isn’t taken to curb climate change, according to a think tank report backed by a former Australian military chief. The paper, by the Melbourne-based Breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration, is not a scientific study, but an attempt to model future scenarios based on existing research. It paints a bleak future in which more... »
The number of Royal Bengal tigers in the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest, has increased marginally, with around 114 found in the Bangladeshi part in 2018, says a new survey. A survey by the Forest Department in 2015 said there were only 106 tigers in Bangladesh at the time. The survey, conducted using camera traps, found a tiger density of 2.17 for every 100 sq km of the Sundarbans.... »