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Dhaka Wednesday,  Mar 3, 2021


The authorities have moved over 1.2 million people to nearly 4,000 storm shelters in the coastal districts to avoid casualties menaced by cyclone Fani. Disaster Management and Relief Secretary Md Shah Kamal briefed the media about the progress of the evacuation on Friday evening. The 19 coastal districts have a population of about 18 million. The government earlier said it was planning to move up to 2.5 million people to... »
The severe cyclonic storm Fani is likely to hit Khulna and its adjoining south and southwestern parts of Bangladesh by Midnight. “The cyclonic storm already has crossed the Odisha coast of India and it is approaching towards the west Bengal and likely to hit Khulna and its adjoining area of Bangladesh,” said Shamsuddin Ahmed, director of Bangladesh Meteorological Department. The meteorologist said this while addressing a press briefing at Bangladesh... »
Maritime ports of Mongla and Payra have been advised to hoist danger signal number seven and Chattogram Port has been asked to hoist danger signal number six as the very severe cyclonic storm “Fani” lies over the West-central Bay and adjoining area. Besides, the Cox’s Bazar port has been advised to keep hoisting local warning signal number four, said a special weather bulletin here. “The very severe cyclonic storm over the... »
Bangladesh has set a target to generate 10% of the country’s electricity from the renewable sources by 2021. As per BPDB statistics, Bangladesh Govt has a plan to generate around a total of 18838 MW electricity by 2021 from which 1883 MW from the renewable sources. Bangladesh Government is now prioritizing the Solar power projects as the renewable energy projects in the country. But till now, only IDCOL’s off grid... »
Tackling Climate change is an integrated approach as the impact of climate change falls under almost every sectors including agriculture, food security, health, energy demands and economic activity etc. To tackle the impact of climate change, all major policies of Bangladesh have tried to address the issue of climate change into it. Additionally, ensuring Health and food security is one of the major target of the Government of Bangladesh, whereas... »
UNB: Green activists on Saturday voiced deep concern that around 90 percent dwellers in Dhaka city are affected by serious dust pollution and urged the authorities concerned to take effective steps to check it. Speaking at a human chain programme, they also said the intensity of dust pollution rises usually during winter due to road digging and delayed disposal of wastes, causing the spread of various respiratory, allergy and skin... »
After three years of almost no growth, carbon emissions from fossil fuels and industry are expected to increase by 2.7 percent in 2018, according to an annual report by the Global Carbon Project, an international scientific collaboration of academics, governments and industry that tracks emissions of greenhouse gases, News Agencies reports. The release of the report on Wednesday comes as envoys from nearly 200 nations meet in Poland for the... »
In small villages along the eastern coast of Bangladesh, researchers have noticed an unexpectedly high rate of miscarriage. As they investigated further, scientists reached the conclusion that climate change might be to blame. Journalist Susannah Savage went into these communities to find out more. “Girls are better than boys,” says 30-year-old Al-Munnahar. “Boys do not listen. They are arrogant. Girls are polite.” Al-Munnahar, who lives in a small village on... »
Bangladesh is expecting to get US$ 2.2 billion from Green Climate Fund (GCF) for implementation of 48 projects as it has finalised the country programme (CP) prioritising adaptation to the impacts of climate change, officials said. However, a good number of mitigation projects have also been included in the CP, they added. The advisory committee of the national designated authority (NDA) of Bangladesh at a recent meeting approved the CP,... »
Global warming. Climate change. These terms are often used interchangeably. However, they have differing, distinct meanings. Global warming is the increase of mean temperatures on the Earth. Climate change affects ecosystems, habitats, and plant and animal life. As scientists have been searching for ways to combat both and one source of environmental change keeps coming up: the use of oil and other fossil fuels. Yes, this is a potentially sensitive... »