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Dhaka Monday,  Jan 24, 2022


The world’s first and only floating nuclear power plant ‘Akademik Lomonosov’ is poised to begin commercial operations in Russia. The plant’s two KLT-40 reactors were successfully brought up to 100% capacity on 31 March. A series of tests confirmed the operational stability of the main and auxiliary equipment of the plant, as well as the automatic process control systems. Andrei Petrov, Director General of Rosatom’s energy division Rosenergoatom, informed that... »
While countries all over the world are committed to cut down their greenhouse gas emissions to meet the Paris Agreement goal, nuclear experts gathered at the 11th edition of the international atomic energy forum- Atomexpo 2019, held in Sochi, Russia expressed their opinion in favour of atomic energy, as an imperative for sustainability of growth. Organised by Rosatom, state nuclear energy corporation the theme of this year’s forum was “Nuclear... »
The 11th edition of the annual international forum on nuclear energy –ATOMEXPO 2019, organized by Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom kicked off in the Russian resort city of Sochi yesterday, April 15, 2019. This year the forum is organized with the theme “Nuclear for better life”. The two-day forum is participated by over 3,600 guests from 74 countries including Bangladesh. The Bangladesh delegation comprises officials from Ministry of Science and... »
Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA) has been awarded the ‘Independence Award -2019’ for its role in using nuclear technology to further agricultural research. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina handed over this award to BINA. Independence Award is considered as the highest honor given by the Bangladesh government every year. This year 12 individuals and one organization (BINA) were selected for the award to recognize their remarkable contribution to the country.... »
The reinforced frame, weighing 58 tons, and the embedded part of the core catcher (core meltdown retention device), weighing 7.5 tons, have been installed at Unit 2 of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant in Pabna. “In the nearest future, our experts will proceed with installation of the core catcher – a unique device developed by Russian nuclear engineers and one of the main passive safety systems of Rooppur NPP”, informed Sergey... »
Finland-based ZYFRA Group became a member of The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™), now incorporating OpenFog, the world’s leading organization transforming business and society by accelerating the adoption of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Zyfra focuses on the introduction of IIoT technologies, that is, connecting to the internet machines, industrial robots and units to create a single information space at the enterprise. Company’s park of “connected” equipment is more than... »
AI is still considered by some market players as either a Messiah, capable of solving all the problems of mankind, or a kind of monster that will take away jobs from people and conquer the world. In reality, both perceptions are wide of the truth. A lot will depend on tech growth rates in the near future, but hardly anybody doubts the promising outlook for AI. According to a forecast... »
Scientists regularly scare oil-producing countries with statements about the era of oil soon passing and readily available hydrocarbons being almost exhausted. At the end of 2017, known world resources of hydrocarbons amounted to 1.665 trillion barrels, according to OPEC reports. Experts claim that the current global consumption rate is 90.5 million barrels per day and that this should continue for another 50 years. Moreover, there is growing competition from renewable... »
Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation of Russia and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Rwanda signed two memoranda of understanding in Rwandan capital Kigali recently for co-operation in peaceful use nuclear energy. Nikolay Spassky, Rosatom Deputy Director General for International Relations and Claver Gatete, Rwandan Minister of Infrastructure signed the MoU on behalf of their respective sides. Memoranda set the foundation for cooperation framework in two key areas of development of... »
Russia’s Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation has announced the successful completion of the fuel loading at Unit-2 of Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant-2. The Unit 2 is scheduled to become operational by the end of 2019. It is one of the reference units of under-construction Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant in Bangladesh. Equipped with the “Generation 3+” VVER-1200 reactor, the first batch of 163 fuel assemblies had been successfully installed on February,... »