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Dhaka Sunday,  May 29, 2022

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For modern businesses to become successful, it is imperative to continuously execute more and more tasks in a resource-constrained environment. However, while striving to cut costs and optimize production, companies should not overlook the basic principles and new trends in the field of labor protection. Today occupational injuries place a heavy burden on every employer. According to an International Labor Organization (ILO) estimate, about 2.3 million women and men around... »
Mushfiqur Rahman: Rupantarita Prakritic Gas Company Limited (RPGCL), a subsidiary of Petrobangla, is responsible for import and supply of imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the country. Re-gasified LNG supply is conducted through a Floating Storage and Re-gasification Unit (FSRU) at Moheshkhali, Cox’s Bazar. The FSRU has been installed and being operated by the US company Excelerate Energy within the scope of an agreement with Petrobangla. A second FSRU of... »
In the last decade, power generation in the country has increased by four times while electricity demand is also increasing day by day. In this situation, the government has taken some initiatives to increase electricity generation capacity by saving energy. Electricity users of residential areas can reduce their electric bill in various ways. Here are some tips. Stay in the limited slab: According to the electricity usage, there are different... »
The success of the power sector is clouded by primary energy crisis. The government failed to generate power having adequate capacity as demand due to fuel crisis, resulted it unable to harvest the great success. “Without farther extraction of gas or coal, primary energy crisis will go on, but we are hopeful about the deep sea resources, we are trying to start work in offshore for searching primary energy. Power... »
The much-talked-about disappearance of 1.42 lakh tonnes of coal from three yards of Barapukuria Coal Mining Company Ltd (BCMCL) seems only to be tip of the iceberg concerning years of malpractice in the state-run entity which is currently under probe. The Independent found that since the beginning of its operation in 2005, the BCMCL has never shown the actual amount of coal available in the yards to account for the... »
Energy Justice is a new concept that is being used in the academia around the globe over the last decade. Although there is no universal single definition, but energy justice evolved with an object to ensure universal access to a safe, affordable and sustainable energy for all individuals, across all areas and to protect from disproportionate share of costs or negative impacts relating to building, operating and maintaining electric power... »
Despite facing some hurdle of price hike of power and gas, the country’s power sector has managed to initiate some of its biggest milestone projects in the year of 2017. However, country’s energy sector couldn’t show us that many promises in this year compared to the power sector. Moreover, the New Year is awaiting with forecasts saying that the primary-energy prices may go sky high. The price of gas was... »
Climate change has become one of the most debated topics of this century because of the increasing risk it poses to the sustenance of human race. This change influences long term footprints and also sudden extreme events like storms, floods, droughts of severe frequency and magnitudes, both of which immensely affect agriculture and infrastructure. To tackle these extreme events both adaptation and mitigation is important, especially for a least developed... »
For long the developing countries have been learning from the Germany’s ‘Energiewende’ (literally translating to Energy Transition) programme, which entailed dismantling its 19 nuclear power stations by 2022 and replace it with other renewable energy sources. However, as per experts the daunting project to substitute a cheap, reliable, secure power source with renewables has failed to achieve its goals despite huge investments. Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions remained at the levels... »
Introduction: Availability and uninterrupted supply of energy at an affordable rate is inevitable for the sustainable social and economic development and growth of the country. Accessibility, affordability and reliability of the sources of energy are fundamentals to energy security. Energies are obtained from various sources and utilized in various purposes. The purpose of a strong and rational energy policy is to determine a viable matrix of prudent mix of the... »