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Dhaka Sunday,  May 29, 2022

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Allocating more money on the country’s power sector in proposed budget for the FY of 2017-18 is a good sign for the betterment of that sector but negligence is seen while allocating money for the country’s energy and mineral resources sector, said Prof. Ijaz Hossain as an instant reaction to the proposed budget. The national budget for the fiscal year 2017-18 was proposed on Thursday. Finance Minister AMA Muhith proposed... »
Windows are widened and processes are eased for Bangladesh to import energy and power related resources from its neighboring country India as the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited India and agreed on various mutual topics with her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi. India, on the other hand, has got the opportunity to transport power and gas to its eastern part using the land of Bangladesh. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has just... »
The government’s decision on price hike of gas is rational and it has to be raised sooner or later, but raising the price in two phases is illogical, said Prof. Izaz Hossain, a faculty of BUET. People would be able to adjust themselves somehow to the new price of gas once it would be raised in one step. The recursive raise in the price of gas and other related commodities... »
The government imposed a new financial burden on the neck of the mass people by raising the price of gas just to serve the interest of some businessmen. “This is truly an injustice”, said Anu Mohammad the member secretary of National Committee to protect oil, gas and mineral resources, power and port The government has raised the price of gas by 22.73 percent on an average. Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission... »
The fresh price hike decision of gas that came about on last Thursday will sharply raise the living costs of the mass people, said Prof. Shamsul Alam, a renowned energy expert of the country. The government could easily take the bypass route to minimise the subsidies in this sector only by lessening the price of bottled gas namely Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), he added. The government has raised the price... »
With Trump at the helm, sentiment gives way to practicality in the energy industry. For the vast untapped potential of the nuclear energy industry and the uranium that feeds it, this could contribute to a market-disrupting revival that no longer bows to fear and the politics of economy. While there have been some oversupply issues keeping uranium prices down, the bigger problem has been negative sentiment rather than real fundamentals,... »
Md Hossain, the Director-General of Power Cell recently talked to the Energybangla correspondent at the 4-day long National Power and Energy Week-2016 fair while the country is celebrating its ‘success’ in reaching 15,000 MW of power generation capacity. EB: You’re celebrating the sector’s achievement on reaching the 15,000 MW milestones. Tell us something about it. Hossain: We’re moving forward to implement the Prime Minister’s proclaimed ‘Vision-2021’. To facilitate uninterrupted power... »

Global Climate Summit: COP-22

Lavishness vs Survival

Climate change has been an issue since the last couple of decades. But, Parties from the developed countries have been continuously denying the weight and gravity of this problem for the sake of some political reason. They are playing politics with the under-developed or least developed and developing countries. It’s clear that, the industrialized countries are solely responsible for the global climate change when, climate change is a life-threatening issue... »
The late-2014, Saudi-initiated oil-price war may have taken the ‘boom’ out of the US shale industry as it seriously threatened OPEC market share, but Saudi victory has been elusive: US shale has proven amazingly resilient. The industry has adapted quickly to the new playing field, and the unsung hero of a new uptick in drilling and investment isn’t just true grit—it’s sand. The Saudi victory is equally dulled by the... »
The U.S. electric power sector burned through a record amount of natural gas in recent weeks, a sign of the shifting power generation mix and also a signal that natural gas supplies could get tighter than many analysts had previously expected. The EIA reported a surprise drawdown in natural gas inventories for the week ending on August 3. The reduction of 6 billion cubic feet (Bcf) was the first summertime... »