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Dhaka Saturday,  Jun 15, 2024

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We are on the precipice of a food fight among 7 billion people, and potash will be right at the center of it. If you can add 200,000 people every day to the global population and account for a significant loss of farmland at the same time, you can begin to understand the dire food situation facing the planet. This is why potash is so important: It’s the fundamental element... »
With prices set to double by 2018, we’ve seen the bottom of the uranium market, and the negative sentiment that has followed this resource around despite strong fundamentals, is starting to change. Billionaire investors sense it, and they’re always the first to anticipate change and take advantage of the rally before it becomes a reality. The turning point is where all the money is made, and there are plenty of... »
Since Bangladesh’s fertiliser industry is intimately related with its natural gas production, how it has performed has been shaped greatly (but not exclusively) by (a) domestic gas demand-supply balances; and (b) global gas price levels. Natural gas contains nitrogen and phosphate. Since three-quarters of the atmosphere itself is nitrogen, which the soil cannot absorb in pure form, an ammonia or urea mixture becomes essential, depending on climatic factors. Our fertiliser... »
The energy sector was certainly a bargain in January, but no one really knows where oil will be around Christmas. While we may have already seen the bottom, stock prices are not the bargain they were. There are other plays. Think electric vehicles and even driverless cars. Find what’s undervalued now and get in on some of the games that will dictate glorious future wealth. In an exclusive interview, »
The Cost of everything has declined except for due payments and operational expenditures. This is the current scenario of the country’s energy sector. Production of gas, its supply and sell along with monthly profit have raised. Having enhanced in such a way, however, the sector is facing difficulties taking control over the operational expenditures and due payments. Experts say that the decreased production of gas has had a negative impact... »
The next OPEC meeting on the 2nd of June will act as little more than a forum for continued altercations between Saudi Arabia and Iran The 2 June 2016 OPEC meeting will be held amid a backdrop of oil prices near $50 per barrel, a sharp drop in Nigerian production due to sabotage, turmoil in Venezuela, Saudi Arabia operating with a new oil minister, and Iran aggressively pumping close to... »
A massive movement against using fossil fuels is taking place all around the world. Germany has created example to others by taking attempts to shift traditional sources of energy to 100 percent renewable energy. Basically, energy transition is appreciated for reducing world carbon emissions and facing the challenges of global warming sustainable. Very recently, Bangladesh has attained the status of low-middle income country by World Bank. Over the last few... »
In 2013 the Brick Manufacturing and Brick Kilns Establishment (Control) Act has been passed to establish control over brick manufacturing and brick kiln establishment for the interest of conservation and development of environment and biodiversity. This Act came into force from 1st July 2014, and permits two years’ time limit to convert the brick kilns into modern technology and relocate thereof. After three years of enactment of this Act, now... »
Fuel price is decreased finally but the mass people won’t be able to get the benefits of this nominal price cut. Majority of the people of this country are low income and are the implicit beneficiaries of fuel price. Besides, Bangladesh doesn’t have the right managerial infrastructure to extend the advantages of price cut to the doorsteps of those people. The prices of diesel and kerosene have been brought down... »
On Monday, Saudi Arabia released a blueprint for the future, a plan for the Kingdom that could alter the course of its history. The “Vision for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” could radically transform Saudi Aramco, the Saudi economy, and the country’s social structure. The plan has been pioneered by the 30-year-old Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the second in line to the King, who has emerged as one... »