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Dhaka Monday,  Jan 24, 2022


  OPEC+ compliance with oil production cuts rose to about 122% in December, two sources from the producer group told Reuters, indicating that some members continue to struggle to raise their output. The December figure compares with 117% in November. The International Energy Agency said this week that the group missed its production targets by 790,000 barrels per day (bpd) in December as members like West African producers Nigeria and... »
The European Union is talking with partners about the potential for increasing gas supplies to the bloc, Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson said after a meeting with European energy ministers in France on Saturday. A gas supply crunch in Europe, widely blamed on a dearth of gas flows from Russia, has caused energy prices to soar. Moscow denies manipulating supplies. Simson said she would attend conferences in Azerbaijan and Washington in... »
Price for Power, fertilizer and industries should be rationally adjusted. At the exploration campaign for oil and gas must be launched on war footing. Decision for mining of own coal and utilizing it for mine mouth power generation must also be started now upon carrying out economic analysis. That would relieve natural gas from mono fuel dependency. Speakers at Energy & Power Magazine organized webinar titled on Gas Crisis &... »
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