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Dhaka Sunday,  May 29, 2022

Govt To Buy Rooftop Solar Power: Consultant Appointed

EB Report

The government is planning to buy solar power generated at the rooftop solar panels of household and industry owners. To implement the idea, a consultant is already appointed by Powercell to determine how the solar power will be purchased by the government.

The decision to buy solar power from industry and household owners got finalized in a meeting that held at the Bidyut Bhaban in the city on Thursday.

According to the related sources, the solar panel owners won’t have any obligation to sell the solar power to the government. The owners will be able to sell their additional power to the government at their own will. Nowadays, customers have to setup solar panels to a certain extent before initiating an electric connection to their property. Powercell related sources informed that, anyone can setup solar panels at their rooftops. The owner might not need to utilize all the power that is generated from his/her solar panels. Owners will be able to easily sell their unnecessary power to the government for which they will be paid as well. People don’t have to use batteries anymore for their solar panels.

Two different types of electric meter will be used in this project. One of it will help the solar panel owners to keep track of his/her power intake accounts and the other will keep track of the amount of power that is being delivered to the grid from his/her solar panel.

Related sources informed that, the government has appointed the consultant to sort out all the matters related to implement the system. The consultant will recommend the government both a legal and operational framework for implementing the system. After that, Powercell will evaluate their recommendation and then it will be finalized.

However, the consultant won’t have to recommend the price of the solar power that is to be given to the panel owners. The government will decide the price. The government might want to purchase the solar power at the rate that it purchase conventional power from the private secto

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