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Dhaka Monday,  Feb 6, 2023

Grand Padma Bridge, A revolution in communication

Majhar Mannan:

On the occasion of Mujib’s birth centenary and the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s independence, the Bengali nation is going to receive a great achievement. With the establishment of the last slab, the Padma Bridge has got a complete shape and the dream of the people of Bangladesh is about to be fulfilled and Bangladesh is going to touch a huge milestone in the field of communication. The last slab on the road has recently been installed on the Padma Bridge and the pitch will be poured by October and the overall progress of the bridge is 94 percent. The Padma Bridge is no longer a dream, it is a reality now and it is a huge achievement for us. To the Bengalis, the Padma Bridge is today the name of an emotion, the name of love, the name of a huge achievement. Today, the Padma Bridge has become a reality for us by disproving the slander of the World Bank and it has been made possible due to the firm mentality and strong leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. By constructing the Padma Bridge at own expense, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has once again proved that Bangladesh is now a financially capable country and Bangladesh has both the courage and the ability to do any major work. The dream that was sown on December 12, 2014 on the banks of the Padma is now a reality and figured.

However, the installation of 2917 roadway slabs of the main Padma Bridge has been completed and the Padma Bridge will be opened to the public by June 2022. People can cross the Padma Bridge by car or train and at the same time they can cross the river on foot if they wish. The work of laying the gas line through the middle of the bridge is in full swing and that too is now nearing completion. In 2001, Sheikh Hasina unveiled the Padma Bridge at Mawa’s old ferry terminal. After the change of government, the work on the bridge came to a halt and in 2009 the work on the bridge was resumed.
The work of the Padma Bridge was caught in the trap of domestic and foreign conspiracies and the World Bank withdrew from the funding of the Padma Bridge but the work of the Padma Bridge resumed in full swing under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave a good start to the overall work of the bridge on December 12, 2015 by overcoming various obstacles.

It can be easily guessed at how much a country has developed by looking at the communication system of that country. A country’s improved communication system changes the face of that country. A country can not move forward easily without improved communication system. Developing an integrated transport system is essential for the socio-economic development of a country and improved communication is ineluctable for balanced economic development. The last decade has seen a revolution in the communication system of Bangladesh. This has been possible due to the goodwill of the government, the love of the people of the country and the good relations with the international world. The biggest milestone of Bangladesh’s communication is the Padma bridge. At one time this padma bridge was just a fantasy but today it has become a reality.

Today Bangladesh is on the way to fulfilling a big dream. The two-storied padma bridge is between Mawa in Munshiganj and Jajira in Shariatpur. The 6.15 km long padma bridge is the lifeblood of Bangladesh’s communication today. The padma bridge is not just a structure of rod, cement and concrete, it is a cherished dream and a milestone. The beginning of the construction work of this bridge was not smooth at all. The work of the bridge has progressed little by little through various obstacles. One of the biggest challenges in the construction of this bridge was river governance because the piling had to be done very deep due to soil erosion at the bottom of the river. We had to think of an earthquake resistant structure and at the same time there was the challenge of protecting environment. To build such a large infrastructure with own funds is undoubtedly a landmark event for Bangladesh. This bridge will bring a revolutionary change in the lives of the people of the south -west of the country.. Marketing of the agricultural products will be easier and investment in the industry will increase a lot. GDP growth will increase about 1.5 percent due to a balanced development across the country. The construction of this bridge will open a new door for the economy. Direct connectivity will be established across the country with 29 districts in the south-west of the country and about 30 million people will be benefited. A study has shown that after the construction of the Padma Bridge, the poverty rate will be reduced by about 84 percent and people’s way of life will change and heavy industries will be built on both sides of the bridge. These large scale industries will create employment for a large number of people and reduce the poverty rate. At the same time, farmers will be able to deliver their production directly to Dhaka city and they will get a fair price for their production. After the construction of this bridge, the port of Mongla can be used to further enhance trade relations with India and will enrich the country’s industrial and other sectors. According to an ADB study, 24,000 vehicles will pass through the Padma Bridge every day in 2022 and that number will increase to 27000 in 2025 and 37000 in 2030 and 51000 in 2040.

The bridge will be opened to all in 2022 and it is a manifestation of our national potential, the government said. Despite serious complications with the financing of the padma bridge, the bridge has come to light today due to the strong goodwill of the government. This bridge will save people’s time and money and will make their journey comfortable. The bridge will contribute to many areas, including South-east Asia’s communications, trade and tourism.

This aesthetic long bridge over the Padma Bridge will not only contribute to the economy but also to other sectors, especially the development of the tourism industry. The two ends of the bridge will be developed as a tourism industry and all the people of the country and even the people from abroad will come to see this beauty and it will be a matter of great pride for us.
The Padma Bridge, it is a symbol of immense beauty and everyone believes that this bridge will represent our potential and our pride. It is as if this bridge has formed a great alliance with the blue water of Padma and the beautiful combination of Padma bridge with this blue water which will attract the attention of tourists. This bridge will add a new dimension to the tourism industry. Resort, hotels, restaurants will be built on both sides of the Bridge and the country’s economy will be rich and strong.

The Padma Bridge will change the quality of life of the people and improve their lifestyle.
A variety of projects, including the Icon Tower, the National Judicial Academy, the world-class Olympic Village, Benaresi Weaving Village will be built on both sides of bridge. Along with government initiatives, local people are building large commercial establishments both sides of this bridge. There are plans to build cities on both sides of the bridge, similar to the cities of Singapore and Shanghai in China. However, the pace of industrialization in South Bengal will increase exponentially, national development will accelerate and the economy of the whole country will change and an integrated communication system will be built around it.

Assistant Professor
B A F Shaheen College Kurmitola
Dhaka Cantonment.

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