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Dhaka Sunday,  May 29, 2022

Keystone Quarterly Review: Energy Indicators

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Primary Energy
Crude oil imports declined by 1.92% in November’14 compared to the previous year. However, it rose by 5.9% in December’14 and by 416% in January’15 compared to the previous year. Imports of petroleum products increased in November’14, followed by decline in December’14 and January’15.

Gas production has been showing an increasing trend from November’14 to January’15. Chevron accounted for about 49 percent of gas production in Bangladesh in FY 2013-14.
Coal production, after resuming since November’14 has increased from 48,385 metric ton to 140,832 metric ton in January’15.


Source: Bangladesh Bank

2.    Power
From January’15 to April’15 , the percentage share of installed capacity of electricity generation has-
•    Increased from 65 percent to 67 percent for gas based generation;
•    Decraesed by 1 percent for diesel based production; and
•    The percentage share of power generation from hydro, coal and power imports remained unchanged.
From January’15 to APril’15, the owner-wise share of generation capacity has –
•    Decreased by 1 percent for IPPs;
•    Decreased from 18 to 16 percent for RPP & QRPPs under 3/5 years contract;
•    Increased from 39 percent to 40 percent for BPDB; and
•    Increased from 9 to 10 percent for ‘other categories’.


Source: Petrobangla

The following observations are being noted down:
•    With new plants being installed, the number of plants in operation increased in February’15 compared to that in Janury’15. However, the number has fallen compared to last year due to fuel shortage and maintenance issues.
•    There has been no loadshed in from December’14 to February’15 as demand and generation has remained equal all throughout.
•    The peak generation in February’15 has been recorded as the highest generation till date.

shitu 4

Source: Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) Limited

3.    Renewable Energy
From January to March 2015, the monthly installation of SHS fell compared to that in  the same period in 2014.
Monthly installation of biogas plants fell slightly in January and February this year, but again rose in March, compared to same period of last year.

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