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Dhaka Monday,  Apr 12, 2021

Gas Extraction Begins From The New Field Of Bhola

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Gas extraction has begun on an experimental basis from the newly drilled well of Shahbazpur area of Bhola. A total of 2.5 lac tons of high pressurized gas was extracted on Wednesday from the ‘Shahbazpur East-1’ situated in the district’s Borhanuddin upazila.

Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration and Production Company’s (BAPEX) Deputy General Manager Meherul Hasan confirmed Energybangla about the extraction of gas from the Shahazpur field. He claimed that, the field is estimated to have a reserve of around 720 billion cubic feet (bcf) of gas.

Bapex, on last 23rd October, declared that it was confirmed about having a gas reserve of around 700 bcf at the newly drilled well site of Shahbazpur which if true will extend the overall gas reserve of the Bhola gas fields to around 1 trillion cubic feet (tcf).

Bapex discovered this field at a three km distant place (east) from the current Shahbajpur gas field site in Bhola. The gas was found at a depth of 3.5 beneath the ground. The experimental well was drilled by the Russian company Gazprom under the full maintenance of Bapex. However, Bapex itself conducted all the surveys and other related tasks.

Earlier at 10 in the morning, Bapex carried out a perforation test and found a flow pressure of the gas field around 5000psi. Naushad Islam, the managing director of Bapex said that, the gas was found in three layers at a depth range from 3,300 meters to 3,500 meters beneath the ground. He told that, commercial extraction of gas from this field seems to be feasible as the gas pressure is above 500 psi.

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Earlier on 2016, the existence of huge gas reserves beneath the ground of Bhola was hinted by a 3D survey. The then study suggested of the proximity of gas reserves in around a 600 square km area of the Shabajpur gas field.

The US-based Unocal conducted a study and suggested that, there would be a 2 tcf gas reserve at the Shahbajpur site. They offered the government to produce the gas and distribute it to the adjacent Barisal, Khulna, Jessore area. However, the plan was not approved and no real progress was done since then.

The gas field of Shahbajpur is situated in the Bengal basin area. The newly discovered gas reserve is found at a ground structure named ‘stratigraphic structure’ in the terms of geology. Rest of the gas fields of the country were found at the Surma basin, which is an ‘anticline structure’.

The very first 2D surveys were done in Bhola in 1986-87 to find gas reserves, which ensured gas reserves at Shahbajpur site. The first exploratory well was drilled in 1994 and 3 more were also drilled since then. These wells currently supply gas to run two power plants (225MW and 35 MW) in Bhola and residential, industrial consumers.

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