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Dhaka Monday,  Dec 5, 2022

Pakistan parliament turns to solar power

Amid a growing energy crisis, Pakistan is installing a 1.8 megawatt solar power plant at the Parliament House building in the capital city Islamabad.Chinese-funded these solar panels will save $1m in annual energy bills.
Work on the project began in the first week of January. The initial cost – which is being funded by the Chinese government as a friendship gesture – is estimated at $60m (£36.5). The solar plant is projected to save almost $1m each year in utility bills for the parliament complex.
Beijing has formally approved the funding for the parliamentary solar plant. Although Pakistan has no plans to introduce solar power on a large scale, China recently helped Punjab province set up a solar park of over 10,000 acres (around 4,000 hectares) with potential to generate 1,000 MW.
Parliament House, where both the National Assembly and Senate meet, was designed to be centrally air-conditioned. The consumption of electricity in the parliament even jumps over 2 MW in summers.
Pakistan faces a year-round electricity shortfall which rises to about 7,000 MW in the summer months, leaving the majority of its citizens without continuous supplies for extended periods each day.


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