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Dhaka Saturday,  Apr 17, 2021

PDB Incurs Most Loss, REB Also In The List

EB Report

Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) has once again suffered a huge loss in the outgoing fiscal year and held the top position among the loss maker state-owned companies of the country’s power sector. Even more horrifying is that the PDB alone is responsible for nearly 80 percent of the total loss that was incurred by all the state-run companies.

According to the Economic Review-2019, PDB incurred the highest loss among the 49 state-run agencies of the country. Among all the state-run companies 35 are in profit while 1 is neither making profit nor loss and the other 13 incurred loss in the outgoing fiscal year.

The 13 loss-maker companies have incurred an accumulated loss of TK 11 thousand and 395 crore and PDB’s contribution here is TK 10 thousand and 271 crore.

BJMC incurred a neat loss of TK 695 crore. Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB) suffered a neat loss of TK 592 crore which was just TK 351 crore in the previous fiscal year.

According to the data from the Economic Review, till January 2019, the total amount of credit of the state-owned commercial banks to 30 state-owned companies stood at TK 39,834 crores. Of which, TK 111 crore 66 lac has defaulted.

Within the last five years, the government’s subsidy to the state-owned agencies has got more than twofold than what it was five years ago. In the fiscal of 2014-15, a total of TK 591 crore was given as subsidy to the state-run agencies. In the following consecutive years, the figure rose to TK 826 crore and TK 1,109 crore.

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