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Dhaka Sunday,  May 29, 2022

Rooppur NPP: Installed At  Unit 2 Reactor Bulding

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant construction touches another milestone with the installation of support truss was installed in the Reactor Building of Unit 2 recently.

The support truss is one of the most important elements of the reactor pit equipment and it is designed to reliably hold the reactor vessel in position and protect in case of any adverse situation including earthquake.

The truss is a welded metal structure, consisting of radial beams. The support truss is designed to withstand thermal and radiation exposure over a period of 60 years-entire lifetime of the reactor.

At the next stage the reactor pit will be concreted and the thrust truss will be installed. “Installation of the support truss is one of the milestones of 2020. It was implemented 16 days ahead of schedule. Construction of the first and second units at the Rooppur NPP is running as per schedule,” said Sergey Lastochkin, Vice President of Atomstroyexport and Director of the Rooppur NPP Construction Project.

“Construction of the Rooppur NPP is carried out in compliance with strict sanitary and epidemiological safety measures. Remote thermal checking measure has been introduced, not only at the entrance points to the site, but also at the entrances to office buildings and the canteen. Special cleaning and disinfecting of all office rooms and vehicles is carried out, employees are being supplied with masks, gloves and sanitizers. Field control of personnel by doctors is conducted at construction facilities,” Sergey Lastochkin added.

Atomstroyexport (ASE), the engineering division of Russia’s state atomic energy corporation implementing the Rooppur NPP construction as the General Contractor. RNPP will have two power units, each of 1,200 MW capacity. Russian generation 3+ VVER 1200 reactors will be installed in the project.



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