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Dhaka Monday,  Jul 22, 2024

Intervew with Maksim V Elchishchev

Rooppur Will Be A Modern, Safe And Money Saving Nuclear Plant

Rafiqul Bashar

Vice president of NIAEP, under state owned Rosatom Company in Russia, and officer in charge of Bangladesh Nuclear power plant Maksim V Elchishchev said, Rooppur will be a modern, safe and money saving Nuclear power plant. After completing the survey in Rooppur, to establish nuclear power plant, it was informed that the projects will be environment friendly.
Last week Mr. V. Maksim said this in an interview with the Energy Bangla at Sonargaon Hotel. This plant will be designed by considering earthquake flood, drought and other natural disasters.

Energy bangla:  According to the survey, will Bangladesh face any complications for this project?
V Elchishchev: No, there is no possibility to create any complication in Bnagladesh for the plant. Rooppur is the perfect site for this project. There is adequate water; soil also good enough. After testing we find some problem in Water and soil around the power plant. Initiatives have been taken to solve it also.

EB: life time of this project is 60 years.Water is the main factor of this project. It will use Padma’s water. If the water flow is not available during this projects life time, what will the effect?
V Elchishchev :We thought about this problem. This plants will not face any difficulties even there is not expected water flow in Padma. There is alternatives. However, Water flow of the river will not be changed radically.
EB: The river water is coming from Indian upstream. Is there any need of discussion with India about Padma’s water flow?

V Elchishchev :This is a bilateral issue between Bangladesh and India. River flows with its natural ways. None should control this. There will not be problems without Padma’s water. There is alternatives.

EB: According to the plan, used water will fall back to the river. Will this water affect the environment?
V Elchishchev: No, there is no possibility to happen that thing in the project.  Water will not mix with the radioactive. Water will be used for cooling Reactor. After normalize the water temperature it will fall back.

Rafiqul Bashar with Maksim

EB: Why power plant installation technology has been changed?
V Elchishchev: Recently Bangladesh decided to use VVIR-1200 Reactor. This technology is latest. Bangladesh shows their interest in a high-level meeting at Vietnam to use AIS-2006 power plant based on VVIR-1200 technology. Presently, NIAEP operates 39 power plants which are using the technology. This technology will be used in Bangladesh because it is new and the government demands this.

EB: Is there any possibility to hike price for using the technology?
V Elchishchev: No, it will not affect the cost.

EB: How much safety will be ensured by this new technology?
V Elchishchev: Safety is the significant question of nuclear power plants. After Fukusima accident the technology had been developed considering nuclear power plants problems, harmful factors and other phenomenon. In this technology the possibility of accident is very low. The radioactive will not spared out into the air if accident happens. Those kinds of Power plants can control radioactive for 72 hours. People can shift in a safe place by this time. This is a third generation reactor. So, it is safer than the others. Moreover, nuclear power plants main concern is safety. Firstly, safety is being ensured. Besides, each steps of a nuclear power plant construction will go through under United Nations supervision. If United Nations nuclear department thought that it was safe then it can be marketed. They also examine the safety of this plant. This technology is better than the previous VVIR-1000 technology.

EB: Is there any additional benefits of this new technology?
V Elchishchev: The new technology is safer and as well as cost efficient. Booth, cost and security will be ensured by this new technology.

EB: How much investment will be needed on this new technology based nuclear power plant?
V Elchishchev: At this point, we don’t know how much will need for this project. It is not possible to determine the amount before signing final contract. Cost depends on state, technology, time, contract terms and conditions.

EB: How this plant will be invested?
V Elchishchev: Bangladesh and Russia will discuss about fund arrangement. Russia will provide soft loan for this plant. 90 per cent loan will be approved within next 2 month. After gating the letter from the finance ministry of Bangladesh, Russia will take initiatives to provide loan. An agreement will be signed between those two countries.

EB: Is power plant design has been made. Which things get importance on the design? You mentioned the Fukusima accident. If this kind of accident happens how can we face this? And what will happen in such kind of accident?
V Elchishchev: The completed survey was about Padma’s water flow, drought, air and soil condition and earthquake factor. The deign   will be made by considering those things. Safety will be the main consideration of this plant. we will take all kind of initiatives to lessen the possibility of accident. You need to do a survey before placing this kind of plants. Bangladesh also did this. We select VVER-1200 technology by considering Fucusima, Chernobyl accident.

EB: You are aware about safety. What about environment?
V Elchishchev: Environment issue is a big question for nuclear power plants. We will work specifically on this issue while the design will be drafted.

EB: After drafting the design which will be first initiatives?
V Elchishchev: The design will be drafted after final contract.  Russian equipment will be used in the project. That heavy machine will come by ship.

EB: What the expected date of the contract?
V Elchishchev: I think, the contract will be signed end of the year.

EB: when electricity could be generated from the plant?
V Elchishchev: It depends on contract signing and discussion of Bangladesh and Russia. As soon as the two country completed discussion the plant will be lunched. If the final contract signed in this year, it can be possible to start first unit by 2022. Construction process would be started by 2017.

EB: Thanks and good wishes to you.
V Elchishchev: You are welcome.

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