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Dhaka Saturday,  Jun 3, 2023

Ninh Thuận Nuclear Station Project

Rosatom Respects Vietnam’s Decision

EB Desk

Rosatom made an official statement on Vietnam’s decision to quit the Ninh Thuận nuclear station project.

“Current macroeconomic conditions forced the Government of Vietnam to discontinue the Ninh Thuận construction project involving Russia and Japan. We respect our customer’s position, and we are ready to provide full support to Vietnam when the country resumes its national nuclear program. Russia and Vietnam have a long track record of effective cooperation in the nuclear power industry. The Dalat Nuclear Research Institute still makes it possible for Vietnam to develop nuclear and radiation technologies with Russia’s support and create the necessary nuclear infrastructure, which will serve as a foundation for the civil nuclear industry in the country,” Rosatom’s statement says.

Not long ago the National Assembly (a unicameral body and the highest organ of state power in Vietnam) voted against the development of nuclear energy in the country, Vietnam News Agency informs. The decision will come into force after it is signed by the Chairman of the Assembly and the Audit Commission. A cornerstone of Vietnam’s national nuclear program was a power station project in the province of Ninh Thuận. The nuclear station was to be constructed by Rosatom, and Russia provided a subsidized loan to finance the construction. Construction of the first two Russian-designed reactors was to begin in 2020.

Russia is committed to providing Vietnam with extensive support if Hanoi decides to resume its nuclear program, a spokesman for Rosatom told the media.

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