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Dhaka Tuesday,  Oct 4, 2022

Russia to commission two more nuclear power unit in 2014

In addition to the planned commissioning of one unit of Leningrad NPP, the third power unit with a capacity 1100MW of Rostov NPP will be commissioned ahead of the schedule in, 2014. Sergey Kirienko Head of Rosatom, Russia’s State Nuclear Energy Corporation confirmed the news during his visit to the Rostov NPP recently.

According to Kirienko, the fourth unit of the plant will also be commission ahead of schedule. According to earlier plan the fourth unit is scheduled to be commissioned in 2017.

Construction of the power unit N3 was started in 2009 and that of power unit N4 in 2010.

Rostov NPP is situated on the bank of the Tsimlyansk Reservoir 13.5 km away from Russian city Volgodonsk. Presently there are two operating power units each one with the capacity of 1000MW. The first unit was commissioned in 2001 and the second one in 2010.

Russia presently has 33 operating nuclear power reactors with a total capacity of more than 24,000MW and contributes approximately 18 percent to the total power generation of the country.

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