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Dhaka Tuesday,  Oct 4, 2022

Thousands Audit Objections Filed At BPC

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More than a number of 2.5 thousands of ‘audit objections’ have been filed at the Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) and the number is like ever increasing. However, complaints are there that the authority has a lack of sincerity to resolve those issues. As the time passes by, the unresolved objections get tangled, making the situation more complicated. The accumulated amount for each of the objections worth more than 65 thousand crores Tk, as of May 2016.

According to the related sources, it was confirmed that there are 2,645 of audit objections filed till the month of May 2016. The amount associated to these objections cuts a figure of 65 thousand, 372 crore and 75 lacs of Tk.

The objections were mainly on the bills of Fuel import, Ship fare, Fuel Distribution, Fuel Transport, Transaction between distributors, miscellaneous purchase and all other related managerial costs.

Sources confirmed that, BPC itself has a number of 269 audit objections worth 60 thousand 115 crore and 12 lacs Tk. However, BPC managed to resolve 12 of the objections by auditing in the last month. A high official from the Energy Division informed that, Eastern Refinery has 226 objections which have a value of Tk 1 thousand 426 crores 12 lacs, and the authority couldn’t manage to resolve any of the objections in the last month. Padma Oil Ltd. has a total of 645 objections assessing an amount of 1 thousand 396 crores 9 lacs Tk, and managed to clear 2 objections altogether in the last month. Zamuna Oil Refinery has 627 objections worth 2 thousand 7 crores 66 lacs Tk and they could barely resolve 16 objections in the month of May. Meghna Petroleum Oil Ltd. possess a number of 445 objections valuing 3 hundred 61 crore and 77 lacs Tk and they couldn’t resolve any of the objections in May. LP Gas holds a number of 138 objections valuing 12 crores 10 lacs Tk and has no record of clearing any of the objections in the last month. Eastern Lubricants Blenders Ltd has 130 objections pending which have an accumulated value of 9 crores 11 lacs Tk and none of these were audited. Standard Asiatic Oil Company Ltd has 165 objections valuing 4 crores 31 lacs Tk and hasn’t got any objections audited till the last month

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