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Dhaka Saturday,  Jun 3, 2023

Waterways Dredging Of Rampal: Deal Signed With India

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The waterways that will be used to transport the required coal for the coal-fired power plant of Rampal is likely to be dredged. A deal is already signed with the Dredging Corporation of India to dredge the waterways.

Mongla Port authority has signed a deal with the Indian dredging corporation on Sunday at Mongla. Commodore Faruqe Hasan, the chairman of the Mongla Port, project officer Shaukat Ali, deputy high commissioner of India in Bangladesh Dibaranjan Roy and Sri Rajesh Tripathi, the chairman of Dredging Corporation of India was present at the deal signing ceremony.

The government has recently shown a green flag to the construction of Rampal power plant after the UNESCO meeting with the assurance of full filling all the conditions placed by the UNESCO at the same time. The attempt of clearing the future waterways that will be the root for coal transport got finalized right after the government’s new move.

The 13 km long waterways starting from the 9th jetty of Mongla Port to the Rampal power plant will be dredged under the deal. The dredging is likely to begin from the next month. The primary budget for the dredging is estimated as much as 119 crore BDT.

India is going to invest more in Bangladesh said the deputy high commissioner of India to Bangladesh Dibaranjan Roy after the deal signing. Commodore Faruque Hasan said that, the dredging project is taken to keep the coal-transport root hassle-free. The dredged waterways will lure more big cargoes and vessels which will beef up the revenue of Mongla Port, said Commodore Faruque Hasan. The dredging is likely to complete within December, 2018.

The government is moving forward boldly to materialize the 1,320 MW coal-fired power plant of Rampal near the Sundarbans without caring the protests from the environmentalists. The protesters said that, the government didn’t consider the possible detrimental impacts of the power plant that might cost the highly rich biodiversity of the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest.

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