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Dhaka Saturday,  Jun 3, 2023

BIFPCL Providing Free Medical Services At Rampal

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Bangladesh-India Friendship Power Company Ltd (BIFPCL) is providing free of cost healthcare services for the poor people of the Rampal area. The service includes free prescription, free medicine, and emergency care with some limited diagnosis services.

The free medical services are available for general people of the vicinity for two days of a week- Saturday and Tuesday. Besides, the medical service along with emergency services are also available for week long duration for the Rampal Power Plant staffs

The medical service started on 16th April of 2014 which was recently upgraded on 27th September. A doctor along with his two assistant provide the healthcare services.

Various clinical services including ECG, blood pressure and sugar level measuring diagnosis of the throat and nose are provider here. To face any emergency there is also an oxygen support. The medical center has two seats for the patients. The total medical care system is observed directly from the head office and video conferences are organized from there at times to provide direct medical care and consultancy services.
Patients from Rajnagar, Chalna, Digraj and other adjacent areas gather here for medical services. Around 100 patients are treated at the medical center each day.

BIFPCL medical officer Dr. Md. Atik Ullah said to Energybangla that, the medical services are observed and maintained from Dhaka. General medicines and even high-quality antibiotics are provided here with free of cost to the poor patients of the vicinity. To ensure the top quality of medicine, only reputed branded medicines are provided here, he added.

He also added that, most of the people living at the Rampal area are poor which doesn’t allow them to access high-quality healthcare services. The medical center provides primary medical services to them and even send the patients upstream for advanced medical care if needed. However, he said that, they have a plan to expand the current range of medical services soon.

Unfortunately, there are no satisfactory health care services available right now within a 10-12 km range of the Rampal power plant site. The medical center of the BIFPCL fills that gap and provides access to quality healthcare to the poor people of this area. It served 6,361 patients from January to September in this year. BIFPCL provides this free healthcare as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


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